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Aminobest won AGRA 2014


section “Fertilizers and preparations for agriculture”

Agra is an international agricultural exhibition, which is actually the largest platform for agribusiness in southeast Europe.
AGRA is an organizer of International Fair Plovdiv, which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Agricultural Academy. AGRA has been approved of UFI, which is proof that the exhibition is organized in line with world standards.

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Our product Aminobest was awarded first prize by Agra for innovative biologics.

Aminobest is an innovative fertilizer that contains compost red Californian worm, hydrolyzate and a wide range of proteins and amino acids. Humic and fulqan acids there are biohumus extract from which is derived from compost on the red Californian worm. Aminobest comprises a group of bands for absorption amino acids as well as micro and macro elements that contribute to a rapid and healthy growth of plants.