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Biohum with new series of products – Sector

We proudly announce the release of our new product range “Sector.”
SECTOR counts to the group of organic fertilizers. The formula was created by our experienced team of professionals and is based on amino acids, which contain different amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micro elements, enzymes, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Due to the products of the “Sector” range you will be able to refine the fertilization at a higher level because each product is designed for fertilization during a particular growth stage.

The products from the Sector series are intended for application with the irrigation water or the so called fertigation. The fertigation is a modern method of parallel fertilization and irrigation intended to achieve optimal hydration and fertilization of crops and at the same time reducing costs for labor, water and fertilizers.

The organic and mineral fertilizers from the SECTOR series, intended for application on leaves, enter quickly into the leaf cells and become part of metabolism thus achieving rapid and remarkable effect on crops and plantations, and the expenses for fertilizers still remains negligible.


Sector series:

Sector CARBO – this is a liquid organic fertilizer which contains molasses, which is based on easily assimilated carbohydrates and amino acids, enriched with macro and micro elements. CARBO sector contributes to significant increases of flowering and fruit, as well as the accumulation of a greater amount of simple sugars in fruits.

Sector Calcium – similar to Sector CARBO this liquid organic fertilizer is rich in amino acids and calcium in chelated form. The amino acids in Sector Calcium are obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis of plant food rich of protein that contains no GMOs.

Sector Stimulator – This is a unique and very well balanced liquid formulation for seed treatment. Stimulate and accelerate germination and seed growing up while improving plant resistance in bad weather.

Sector Stimulator – Like Sector Calcium this product supports the seeds, but during the treatment prior to sowing. For maximum efficiency this product is recommended to be used in combination with Sector Protect.

Sector CARBO Active – similarly to Sector CARBO this liquid fertilizer contains molasses and is enriched with macro elements. Its main application is for activation of the microbiological flora, and also to act against microorganisms and fungi.

Sector Ecosist – this sector product is a microbial fertilizer with a strong antifungal and antimicrobial activity. It contains several strains of Bacillus subtilis, and bacteria Bacillus licheniformis, Azotobacter chroococum and Azotobacter vinelandii. It has a favorable impact on crops and decorative plants.

Sector PK 13/14 – This is an excellent supplement for flowering, which is an excellent stimulator for all crops in the budding and flowering stages, acting on the base of phosphorus and potassium.

Sector Protect – This is a formula for the roots and leaves, which increases the endurance of cultures from stress, diseases and pests.

Sector Hit – This is a liquid organic fertilizer for growth and development. The formula is based on amino acids and peptides in combination with the combination of macro and micro elements. Suitable for all cultures, it has special influence on oilseeds and protein crops.

Sector Start – This is a liquid organic fertilizer for the initial phase of vegetation. Amino acids in it contribute to rapid growth of above-ground part and roots of plants. The product has the strongest impact on the initial phase of growth.

Sector Amino Prim – again based on amino acids, peptides and trace elements, this product helps intensive vegetative growth. It is suitable for all types and cultures.