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Биохум-органичен тор


Component Value
pH 7,23
Dry substance in % 53,55
Organic substance in % 52,53
Total nitrogen mg/g 42,8
Phosphorus mg/kg 1349
Potassium mg/kg 9797
Sodium mg/kg 1822
Calcium mg/kg 11554
Magnesium mg/kg 6350
Copper mg/kg 51,31
Zink mg/kg 193,14
Manganese mg/kg 512,3
Lead mg/kg 20,69
Cadmium mg/kg <0,5
Chrome mg/kg 12,33
Humidity % mg/kg 40 - 50

BIOHUM is a fertilizer of California red worm product odorless, loose and easy friable. not prone to decay processes while preserving properties of alive product. Does not contain harmful substances, pathogens and weed seeds. The product improves the physical properties of the soil, it becomes loose, it is sealed and does not form a solid crust, which improves the water permeability.

The microbiological analysis showed that the organic fertilizer is rich with useful microorganisms and enzymes, which are enriched soil, that improves the nutrition of plants. Biohumus has high growth regulators, which results in stimulating the growth and development of plants.


Dosing and ApplicationIN BREEDING OF FLOWERS When planting flowers in pots using a mixture of biohumus and garden soil in a ratio 1:2. In the presence of peat, the mixture may be from biohumus, soil and peat in a ratio of 1:1:1. Nurturing pot plants Take a portion of the top layer of soil, and add 3-4 tablespoons biohumus for a medium-sized pots. Then apply back on the top and pour plenty of water. This is repeated every 2-3 months. For foliar and watering Use of liquid biohumus. It prepares from 200-300 ml BIOHUMUS mixed with 1 liter of water, and the mixture is allowed to stand for 36-48 hours. Then filter the water and use for watering the pot or spraying the leaves. For growing flowers in the garden In early spring nourish with biohumus in dose 200-300 ml per square meter, after that re-dig the soil. When planting openair Put in the bed nest 50-100 ml per plant, cover with soil and then irrigate. If necessary, add some further by 50-100 ml per plant. For seedlings Add a solution of biohumus with water in a 1:1 ratio. The solution is allowed to mature for 48 hours, then stir and after that filter the precipitate. Seeds and bulbs for planting soak in the leachate for 4 hours. After that is allowed to dry. Plant it after 48 hours. GROWING VEGETABLES IN OPENAIR imported into nesting norm:
  • For peppers – 50 ml per plantFor tomatoes – 100 ml per plant
  • For cucumbers – 200 ml per plant
To nourish vegetables Prepare a solution of water and biohumus in a ratio 1:10. The solution is allowed to mature for 48 hours. Strain. After that fuel at a rate of 200 ml per plant. For fruit trees, grape vines, shrubs and roses 1.5 – 2 liters biohumus for each root. Use 300-400 ml per every vine stick. For feeding the fruit trees in the area around the root of the stem is sprinkled from 1 to 3 liters depending upon the age and size of the tree. Vines, shrubs and roses – from 0.5 to 1.5 liters biohumus, after the fueling dig the soil. For lawns In creating lawns put biohumus into standard of 200 to 250 ml per square meter, and dig the soil. After each mowing put 100-150 ml. biohumus per square meter, and do thoroughly watering. Product  can be used in organic farming according to following standards: EEC 834/2007 

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