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Why us?

биохумус-14Who are we?

We are Biohum LTD. We built our eco farm in one of the most ecologically clean regions in Bulgaria, in the village of Berievo located in the Troyan Balkan.


Through the offering of high quality and environmentally clean products we aim to satisfy the needs of each farmer. We wish to contribute for improving the quality and quantity of agricultural products. By supporting the global organic farming and environmental protection, we do not only improve the overall quality of the products we all eat but improve our health as well.

Activity and products

Our main activity consists in raising the red Californian worm and in the processing of organic waste. Our main product is bio fertilizer in the form of dry substance called biohumus.

BIOHUMUS is a bio fertilizer derived from the processing of organic waste by the red Californian worm. BIOHUMUS boosts soil fertility, helps the soil to retain more moisture also reduces erosion. The temperature in the soil is stabilized, and the plants are less affected by the external temperature changes. Thanks to this fertilizer, the plants are much healthier and more fertile.

Our product range is not limited to this. In addition to the biohumus we produce both liquid organic fertilizer and liquid organic fertilizers that are enriched with a wide variety of nutrients.

For example we will present one of our products – Biobest. It is a liquid extract of organic fertilizer generated by the red Californian worms. This is an extremely efficient and environmentally humic fertilizer that is used as foliar and soil application and for all cereals, vegetable crops, perennials, flowers and more. However, it is absolutely compatible with any chemicals, and fertilizers, which are used in agriculture.

For the healthy and rich harvest we offer SECTOR series, which belongs to the group of organic fertilizer. SECTOR is a formula that is based on amino acids that incorporate different content of phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, and further added trace elements, enzymes, vitamins and carbohydrates. This in turn enables control of feeding crops according to their needs during different periods of development.

Our team

The entire production process is carried out in cooperation with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and highly qualified lecturers in prestigious universities.

All members of our team are professionals and perform their tasks with responsibility and desire. We can guarantee the quality of our products through analyzes and certificates from accredited laboratories. Moreover, we provide development and career opportunities for young people and contribute to the improvement of the regional economy.