Believe your eyes


Fertilizer derived from the processing of organic waste with red Californian worm. Biohumus boosts soil fertility, helps the soil to retain more moisture also reduces erosion. The temperature in the soil is stabilized, so plants are influenced less by the outside temperature changes. Thanks to the bio humus plants are healthy and fertile.

The microbiological analysis showed that the organic fertilizer is rich in useful microorganisms and enzymes, which are enriched soil, which in turn improves the nutrition of plants. Fertilizer has a high content of plant growth regulators, resulting in stimulating the growth and development of plants.

It is used in different sectors of agriculture, floriculture and nursery. In flowers is applied as a component in fertilizer and soil mixture and also as a moisturizing agent. Fertilizing of plants develops intense green foliage with – early flowering, and have large, well-colored and fragrant flowers. In gardening, the fertilizer facilitates seed germination, supporting the development of rich root system accelerates vegetation, which ensures earlier and more quality production.

When planting crops on highly depleted soils, the use of fertilizer is very effective, as guarantee – better tracking and faster rooting.

The concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and other elements useful in the bio humus are much higher than at the rich soil and are released gradually, as is one of the most important things for detoxing the pesticides that are imported in the soil. Does not contain any weed seeds, and as a result of its use obtains high quality and environmentally friendly plant products.

Biohumus is the best fertilizer. It contains high concentrations of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms, vitamins and amino acids added from the digestion of the worms. They are over 100 times more than in the manure and inorganic fertilizer. Helping the soil aeration improves the structure and the plants can grow fast and healthy.