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Sector Amino Prim

Сектор Амино Прим – течен органичен тор за растеж и развитие


Component Value
Amino acids and peptides with low molecular weight 10-11 %
Nitrogen /N – organic/ 1,6 – 1,75 %
B 0,03 – 0,04 %
Cu * 0,008 – 0,013 %
Fe * 0,15  – 0,20 %
Mn * 0,07 – 0,08 %
Zn * 0,045 – 0,055 %
Mo 0,005 – 0,007 %
* Chelated % – per cent from the total volume, w/v

Amino acids based liquid organic fertilizer rich in micro nutrients. Amino Prim is a liquid formula based on amino acids and peptides with low molecular weight combined with micro nutrients in an optimal proportion. The amino acids have been derived through enzyme hydrolysis of protein-rich vegetal component for nutrition purposes (GMP-free). The combination of high concentration of amino acids and micro nutrients is intended mainly to provide intensive vegetative growth, blossom and fruit-set. The product is suitable for any type of crops.

Dosing and Application

Application on leaves /spraying/:

  • 200-250 ml on 1 daa in the appropriate stages of vegetables, cereals and legumes, tobacco, potatoes, water melons, pumpkins, curative plants and spices, owers, forage plants and lawns. Recommended working solution 15-25 liters
  • 250-300 ml on 1 daa for perennials. Recommended working solution – 25-50 liters. For bush fruits – approx. 250 ml/daa at working solution – 20-30 l

Watering or drip irrigation:

2 l for one ton of water at working solution consumption – 5 l per linear meter (approx. 2.5 liters/daa), watering near the root and not directly onto the plant

Fertigation and hydroponics: 2-3.5 ml/liter (2.5-3 l/daa) Shake well before use. Compatible with the common known plant protection products and the other fertilizers from the Sector series.

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