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Sector Calcium

Сектор Калции


Component Value
Amino acids and peptides with low molecular weight  5%
N /organic/  0,8 – 1 %
Calcium /Ca/ EDTA  10 %
* EDTA  % – per cent from the total volume, w/v

Amino acids based liquid organic fertilizer rich in chelated calcium. Sector Amino Calcium is a liquid formula based on amino acids and peptides with low molecular weight combined with easily dilutable calcium EDTArendering it unique. The amino acids have been derived through enzyme hydrolysis of protein-rich vegetal component for nutrition purposes (GMPfree). This formula is suitable for stimulation of the end stages of growth and fruit-set which are typical with the accumulation of large quantities of leaves. The calcium de:ciency results in marginal leaf necrosis, rolled leaves, local vegetation necroses, fruit softness, appearance of dark spots and short duration. The calcium de:ciency is often met in fruits with high contents of nitrogen and potassium and in large fruits. The calcium is essential for the growing plant members and especially the fruits, and improves their robustness, taste, color and durability. If the product is applied to vegetables or other crops it is to be combined with appropriate organic or mineral fertilizer additive from the Sector series.

Dosing and ApplicationApplication on leaves /spraying/:
  • 200-250 ml on 1 daa in the appropriate stages of vegetables, cereals and legumes, tobacco, potatoes, water melons, melons, pumpkins, curative plants and spices, flowers, forage plants and lawns. Recommended working solution 15-25 l
  • 250-300 ml on 1 daa for perennials. Recommended working solution – 25-50 liters. For bush fruits – approx. 250 ml/daa at working solution – 20-30 l.
Watering or drip irrigation: 2 l for one ton of water at working solution consumption – 5 l per linear meter (approx. 2.5 liters/daa), watering near the root and not directly onto the plant Fertigation and hydroponics: 2-3.5 ml/liter (2.5-3 l/daa) Shake well before use. Compatible with the common known plant protection products and the other fertilizers from the Sector series Storage conditions: Store in dry and ventilated areas in original packaging; keep away from light and fire and avoid contact with acids and bases.
  • Keep from freezing
  • Minimum storage temperature 7°C
S2 Keep out of the reach of children S25 Avoid contact with eyes S46 If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label

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