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Sector Protect

Сектор Протект-органоминерален течен тор


Component Value
Surfactants 5%
MgO 0,5 %
Polysaccharides 0,5 %
Organic acids 0,7 %
% – per cent from the total volume, w/v

Sector Protect is a root and leave formula that increases the resistance of your crops to pets, stress and diseases. It increases the production of essential oils and the oil-bearing plants yield. Sector Protect stimulates internal protection mechanisms in your plants, i.e. enzyme production in the cell membranes (vacuoles), which are immediately released as soon as the plants are attacked by pest or diseases. This is the so called“hypersensitive response”. The NADPH oxidase located in the cell membranes is being activated and starts producing nitrogen peroxide H2O2. It is toxic for most of the pest and destructs their cell membrane, the so called oxidative burst. The production of volatile compounds – phytoalexins is being increased. The phytoalexins are the Erst line of plant protection and create a system resistance, ISR. Through the anti-bodies in the animal polysaccharides an ISR protein synthesis is being induced in the plant tissue and antibodies are being generated as plants’ immune system response. Sector Protect contains the same types of molecules used by the plant to produce IRSproteins and a great number of enzymes to Eght the pest. Researches show that enzymes and proteins /chitinases and glucanases/ – toxic inhibitors of plant pest have been found there which drive back a wide range of harmful organisms. These new proteins are produced by the plant as a response to infections from insects, bacteria, fungi or viruses and are called pathogen-related proteins.

Dosing and ApplicationPre-winter treatment: On leaves 5 ml/l – minimum 100 ml/daa Preventive treatment against insects and viruses and to establish crops immunity allowing them to overcome the stress caused by temperature changes Phytoalexins are being released in the plant to create a system resistance. Due to the low height of the plants at this stage, the soil generating the problems has to be treated as well. Spring /vegetative/ treatment: On leaves 5 ml/l, minimum 100 ml/daa Preventive treatment against bacteria, fungi and insects Prior to the rise of temperatures and humidity in the spring and the leaves treatment of the crops with organic fertilizers, there is a risk of:
  • Powdery mildew, Sectoriosis, Fusarium, leave stains on wheat
  • Phoma, Phomopsis, Sclerotinia, mildew and powdery mildew on sunflower
Sector Protect acts as strong adjuvant and can be hardly washed out. The superficially active substances detach the fungi and bacteria from leaves and stems and kill them by destroying their cell wall. If no treatment with fungicide has been performed, in case of problems the dose can be doubled and the treatment repeated after 7-15 days. The product kills the acari, plant louse, whiteflies and similar by paralyzing their legs and proboscis. The joint treatment with plant protection agents enhances the effect and the adhesiveness. Application on leaves /spraying/:
  • 5 ml/l in working solution of 25-30 ml
Irrigation or watering:
  •  2 ml/l in working solution
Storage conditions: Store in dry and ventilated areas in original packaging; keep away from light and Ere and avoid contact with acids and bases.
  • Keep from freezing
  • Minimum storage temperature 7°C
S2 Keep out of the reach of children S25 Avoid contact with eyes S46 If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.

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