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Growing Red Californian Worm

Here are some important things you should know if you decide to grow a California red worm. Firstly you need to secure your property for this purpose, worms can be grown both outdoors and indoors space. You should know that the bed you need is two square meters, and you should also have enough room around the bed to perform certain manipulations. You should carefully choose the location for your future farm. The surface should be flat, and it is also desirable for the soil to drain well just to avoid swamping the beds. You will also need space for storage of manure (worm food), and storage of the finished product bio humus.

The next step is to buy some red Californian worms. It’s good to know that a bed of two square meters contains about 100 000 worms, about 30 000 are adults and the others are baby worms and dames.

The next milestone is to provide food for the worms. RCW eats any kind of organic waste, but to produce biohumus of high quality you should carefully choose the food . It is recommended to feed them with manure (mainly cattle), in order to produce high quality compost.

Depending on the size of your farm, you must provide the appropriate equipment, and if it grows significantly, you will need to search for manufactured fertilizer, but it is in the long run.