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Breeding California red worm

California red worms are characterized by large rapidity. They are bisexual, they each have male and female reproductive organs located in the front of its body. When they mate, specimens exchanged large amounts of seed, enough for a couple of fertilization. After fertilization, forming eggs which are the seeds of worms.

Their eggs are pear-shaped, and has a greenish color. One egg provides from 2 to 21 worms. 90 days are needed to complete their maturation and to be ready for division. California red worms are able to devote dames weekly, which is the reason for the rapid increase in their number in the beds.

In order to enable the worm to propagate correctly you should maintain optimum levels of temperature and humidity in the bed. In the presence of the necessary conditions for a year beds will be increased 3-4 times. For example, if you bet a bed in the spring, subject to any conditions in the autumn beds must be 8. And if you provide them with the right conditions and in winter, the beds should be doubled until spring.

The normal density of RCW for a room (two square meters) is about 100 000. The bed should not be overcrowded because the worms will stop mating. This can be adjusted by the process of separating the beds.