Believe your eyes

Red Californian Worm

California red worm is quite different from ordinary earth and earthworms.

They are a special selection created artificially through an extensive selection process. Most interesting are the two main types of worms: Lumbricus rubellus, which includes a red Californian worms and Eisenija foetida-type that is less used for farm cultivation. These types repeatedly outperform conventional worms, one of the most important elements is their fertility which is approximately 3-4 times greater because of the rapid process of propagation. These worms have a significantly strong body, and are more resistant to weather conditions.

Typical of the RCW pigment is that oxygen is carried through the skin. Because their skin is transparent worm colors itself from dark pink to red color, where its name comes from. In nature environment usually a bed of RCW contains about 50 worms, while in farms densities they reach about 100,000 pieces for a bed. This is what allows them to be more resistant to climatic conditions. The most suitable temperature for it is 15-20 ° C, but they can survive both the lower and higher temperatures. The length of individual specimens is 6-8 cm in thickness – 3-5 mm, adult worms weight from 0.8 to 1 gram, according to experts lifespan is about 16 years.